• What is Zoe?

    Zoe is a nutrition-first foods & beverages brand. Zoe is your go-to resource when you don't want to compromise on health, convenience or taste. It's superior, locally sourced ingredients. It's complete and easy to understand nutritional information. It's knowing exactly what you're eating, and how much. Basically, Zoe is eating well and living better, without the hard-work. Our current offering includes cold-pressed juices, vegan milks, fruits and vegetables, etc.

  • Does Zoe do gift cards?

    Yes, of course! What better gift than a gift of health for your loved ones? :) Email us on connect@zoe.menu to order your gift cards.

  • Will I really have more energy or feel better if I consume Zoe products?

    We'd like to think so! Fueling your body with freshly prepared, nutritious, real food is a surefire way to feel and act your best. Plus, with Zoe as an alternative to doing your own grocery shopping and cooking healthy, you'll have tons of extra time to fulfill other facets of a healthy lifestyle! Perhaps you'll have time to try out that new zumba class!

  • Is it important that I eat 5-6 times per day?

    Yup! Keep your body fueled, your energy high, and your weight maintained with a consistent intake of nutrient-dense meals and snacks. By keeping your hunger in check and eating every 2-3 hours, you'll feel great and make healthier choices.

  • What should I drink to maximize my health?

    Water is the absolute best thing for your body. We encourage you to drink at least two litres of water each day (more if you're exercising). Keeping your body hydrated is important for your physical and mental health. Water also helps to flush the toxins out of your body, and keep your body clean. We're also not opposed to consuming other beverages; there are great natural teas (green tea, herbal tea, etc.) and there is plenty of research that says that coffee (in moderation) is healthy, as is a glass of red wine with dinner.

  • Are you open to suggestions from customers?

    Please give us feedback, we are fanatical about it!

  • Do you only use natural and fresh ingredients?

    We only use natural ingredients in our products. In fact, all our products are preservative free, chemical free, and free of artificial chemicals and colours. We attempt to get obtain the highest quality food from as close to us as possible. We believe in food that has been minimally processed, thereby maintaining the most nutrients. We prepare almost everything here in house to maintain strict quality control over every Zoe product we serve.​

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