Eating healthy daily is a challenge given our lifestyles. Zoe's One Day Detox is designed for weight loss and getting the right nutrition without changing your lifestyle. One Month Detox, contains 4 packs of the detox. Do it once a week.

    • Contains 4 packs of our One Day Detox, to be done once a week
    • In your detox pack you get 12 items that you need to consume in 12 hours on your detox day! Your detox pack contains all the products that you need to consume in the entire day. Just follow the schedule in the pack and feel refreshed and rejuvenated for days to come. Below is your schedule:
    • [6AM-8AM] - Upon Waking Up : Lemon Ginger Energy Drink & Anti-ageing face mask
    • [8AM-10AM] - Breakfast : Muesli to be consumed with milk or creamer & Organic Spiced Kashmiri Green Tea
    • [10AM-11AM] - Post Breakfast Snack : Panchamitra Juice
    • [11AM-12PM] - Pre Lunch Snack : Green Mango with Jeera Juice
    • [12PM-2PM] - Lunch : Tomato Soup & Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea
    • [2PM-4PM] - Post Lunch Snack : Shasmitra Energy Drink
    • [4PM-6PM] - Evening : Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea
    • [6PM-7PM] - Pre Dinner Snack : Amla Juice
    • [8PM-9PM] - Dinner : Spinach Soup
    • [9PM-11PM] - Bedtime Drink : Organic Caffeine Free Lemongrass and Chamomile Tea
    • [6AM-9AM] - Morning After : Tulsi Green Tea

    • Yes it is - Most of us are living such a crazy and hectic lifestyle, that in all the running around, we don't end up taking care of our body in the right way. Also, we consume so much junk in our everyday meals. 
    • It is very important for each one of us to set aside one day every week, to detox our body of all the toxins, and to get rejuvenated and refreshed to start our journey again.
    • Zoe's One Day Detox is for everybody who loves their body and wants to give their body the nutritious and care that it deserves.
    • Our detox is based on the principles of Ayurveda & naturopathy, which say that fasting or detox is a must for every individual.
    • Benefits: 
      • Helps lose 500 grams to 1.5 kilos in a day
      • Boosts immunity
      • Improves metabolism
      • Provides digestive system a day's break
      • Improves work productivity

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