Lose weight effortlessly by Zoe’s One Month Detox – Jaya’s review

Lose weight effortlessly without changing your lifestyle is what we all dream about. But due to bad food choices and hectic work schedules, sometimes we find it difficult to stay on track. This was the same issue with Jaya, a make-up artist who by doing Zoe’s One Day Detox once a week achieved her weight goals. How did she do it? Read below


Achieved my weight loss goals effortlessly with Zoe's One Day Detox

Achieved my weight loss goals effortlessly with Zoe’s One Day Detox


Flat bellies are made in the kitchen table and not in the gym. While it is true that weight loss is 80% nutrition & 20% working out, it is very difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan because of distractions and hectic work schedules. This is where Zoe’s One Month Detox Pack helps you to lose weight effortlessly & achieve your weight loss goals

The One Month Detox Pack has 4 one day detox kits and a healthy eating weight loss diet chart to be followed on the non-detox days. 100% natural and based on Ayurveda, each one day detox contains 12 products (4 herbal juices, 4 organic teas, 2 low-cal soups, 1 oat-meal breakfast and 1 instant glow face-pack) to be consumed in 1 day. In the One Month Pack you do a detox once a week coupled with our healthy eating chart to lose weight in a natural & sustainable way.

The One month detox program helps in sustainable weight loss(upto 5 kgs in a month), promoting inch loss around the belly area, improving immunity, metabolism & digestion, and helping in adopting a healthy lifestyle. You can see more details at  https://zoe.menu/product/detox-diets/one-month-detox-4-packs-of-one-day-detox or call us at 9205534967 to speak with our nutrition team for more information.


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Zoe, meaning 'life' in Greek, is a nutrition-first foods & beverages brand. We are committed to enhancing your life by making nutritionally rich foods for you everyday, foods that will remarkably improve your overall health, nutrition, happiness and well-being. Our foods have phenomenal life-uplifting properties, making it the best choice for you and your family.

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