An awesome offering of three of our best detox blends, this pack of terrific-trio tea sticks will make you feel healthy, refreshed & energetic for a long time

Keto Friendly
Diabetes Friendly
Everyday Wellness
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    • Zoe's terrific trio tea sticks - consists of herbal and natural teas which help in the following:
      • Burn fats and lose unwanted kilos
      • Rest digestive track
      • Enhance metabolism
      • Colon cleanse
      • Help body absorb nutrients more efficiently
      • Increase energy levels
      • Healthier skin and hair
      • Purify liver

    • This pack contains 28 tea sticks each of the following teas
      • 28 Tea Sticks of Calming & Relaxing Lemongrass Green Tea
      • 28 Tea Sticks of Organic Kashmiri Spiced Green Tea
      • 28 Tea Sticks of Daily Detox Green Tea

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