The sacred and therapeutic combination of green tea and tulsi has many health and beauty benefits. Consuming this potion daily will also help you lose those unwanted inches from your waist.

Keto Friendly
Diabetes Friendly
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    • Encourages weight loss by improving your metabolism
    • Helps to destress by soothing the nerves and regularizing blood flow
    • Releases anti-oxidants which slow down the ageing process
    • Dissolves kidney stones as tulsi is diuretic in nature
    • Lowers risk of cancer
    • Prevents osteoporosis
    • Reduces risk of cardiovascular ailments
    • Keeps cold and flu at bay
    • gets rid of chest congestion
    • Improves skin and hair

    • 28 Tea Sticks of Premium Flat Belly Tulsi Tea Sticks
    • Each Tea Stick contains 3 grams of tea
    • Net Qty - 84 grams

  • It is recommended that you consume atleast two cups of Tulsi Green tea everyday.

  • Contact us on +91 9205 534 967 for corporate gifting or bulk orders. We will customize your pack for you.

    • Boil water and dip tea stick in it for 2-3 minutes.
    • Best enjoyed without sugar, honey or milk

  • "The flat belly claim actually does work! Ever since I started consuming the Tulsi Green Tea regularly, I noticed that my trousers became loose." - Kanika, Gurgaon

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