Kashmiri Green Tea

7 Spices Organic Green Tea [28 Tea Bags]

A delicate delight on your palate, this aromatic tea, infused with the subtle flavours of whole spices will transport you to the beautiful valley of Kashmir – the place where this recipe originated. Low on caffeine, aromatic, tasty and 100% natural, this zero calorie drink is your perfect substitute to a regular cup of tea without the guilt!

  • Zero calorie drink
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Reduces stress
  • 100% natural
  • Aromatic & tasty
  • Low on caffeine

INR 650/-

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A treat for your mind and body.

This organic spiced green tea helps boost metabolism & immunity and reduces risk of cancer & high blood pressure. It also helps reduce stress, cholesterol, hypertension & promotes diuresis. To prepare, boil water and dip tea bag in it for 2-3 minutes and your tea is ready to be enjoyed! Best enjoyed without sugar, honey or milk.

  1. What are the ingredients?
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