A refreshing yet soothing CAFFEINE-FREE concoction, this blend is a heavenly infusion of two great flavours – something sweet and something citrusy.

    • Aides good sleep
    • Reduces anxiety
    • Promotes healthy skin
    • Fights depression
    • Cures headaches
    • Improves digestion
    • Lowers cholesterol
    • Beneficial for cough and cold

    • 28 tea sticks of Zoe's organic chamomile & lemongrass tea
      • Each tea stick is caffeine-free and contains organic chamomile & lemongrass
    • Each tea stick contains 3 grams of tea

  • Boil water and dip tea stick in it for 2-3 minutes. Best enjoyed without sugar, honey or milk

    • If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned below, you need to have the chamomile & lemongrass tea regularly:
      • You are always feeling tired
      • You have trouble sleeping
      • You feel anxious & depressed
      • You have high BP and cholesterol

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