Get your recommended dose of Vitamin C with the goodness of gooseberries, lemon and ginger. These delicious, nutritious and natural juices will rejuvenate, reboot and energise you. Comes with a diet chart.

Energy Booster
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  • Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that we need to consume on a daily basis. Vitamin C is a rich source of anti-oxidant, and helps the body in growth, repair and over-all development.

    Some of the benefits of consuming Vitamin C are:

    • Improves immunity
    • Reduces cholesterol
    • Manages diabetes and asthma
    • Supports liver function
    • Flushes out toxins from the body
    • Makes collagen, which keeps the skin looking younger
    • Supports adrenal health, which reduces stress
    • Helps in fat metabolism and weight loss

  • The Vitamin C - Antioxidant Booster Plan is a 7-day plan to give you the goodness and benefits of Vitamin C, through some of nature's best sources of Vitamin C - amla, ginger and lemon.

    The plan contains:

    • 7 sachets of Amla Juice
    • 7 sachets of Lemon & Ginger Juice
    • Diet-chart for healthy living, with tips on how to increase your Vitamin C intake

    • Early morning upon waking up - Amla Juice
    • Evening snacks time - Lemon & Ginger Juice

    We have also included a diet chart in this plan, which will help you in improving your lifestyle. Try to follow that as much as you can.
  • We will deliver the plan to you within 2 - 5 business days.

  • Pour the contents of the sachet in a 200 ml - 300 ml glass. Add either chilled or normal water as per your liking. Stir the contents till everything dissolves. Enjoy the goodness of Vitamin C.

  • "I used to rely heavily on tea and coffee during my office hours to get my dose of energy and get through the day. This energy booster plan has helped me cut down on my caffeine addiction a lot, and I feel more productive, energised and happy at work!" - Karan, Business Head, Quikr India Pvt. Ltd.

    • Diet Chart
    • 14 sachets of 100% natural juices

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