Do you suffer from gas, bloating, indigestion or constipation? If you said yes to any of these, then this plan is for you. This all-natural and herbal infusion will work on your digestive system and free you from all your intestinal troubles.

Constipation & Indigestion
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    • Improves your overall digestive health
    • Gets rid of gas, bloating, indigestion and constipation
    • Clears your intestinal track
    • Eliminates all toxins from your body
    • Makes you feel light and care-free from inside
    • In case you suffer from a chronic headache due to gas and bloating, you will see relief in them.

  • 28 sachets of 'Herbal Infusion' digestive tea.

    Diet chart for healthy living and tips to improve digestion naturally.

  • Start with consuming 2 sachets of this herbal infusion. One upon waking up, and one in the evening. You will see a positive difference in your bowel movements within 3-4 days. Once you start feeling better, reduce your intake to once a day.

    • Pour contents of the sachet in 300 ml of water.
    • Bring water to boil in a pan.
    • Stir for 2 - 3 minutes, till the powder dissolves.
    • Pour in a cup and consume hot.

  • Because of a crazy lifestyle, poor eating habits and timings, and stress, most of us suffer from some sort of digestive issue. Some of the common ones are - constipation, gas, bloating, stomach cramps, etc. 

    This 100% herbal and natural concoction is made for each one of us. Everyone can benefit from this drink.

  • "I had difficulty doing my morning chores, and had to rely on a cup of tea to get the bowel movement started. Having tea in the morning was giving me acidity. However, now this problem is solved. I have one cup of this magic potion and I am able to empty my bowels efficiently." - Bhavesh, Business Owner

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