Experience the true love of tea drinking with this exquisitely crafted borosilicate teapot. Microwave friendly. Gas Stove friendly.

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  • Superior Quality Material | Plastic Free

    The borosilicate body makes it ideal for using on the gas stove and microwave both. You can remove the stainless steel strainer and put pot directly in the microwave / gas stove. There is no need to boil the water separately.


    Ideal for Gifting

    The elegant and functional design makes it a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali, Christmas, office parties, and other occasions.


    Brew More, Save Money

    If you wish to make a second pot of tea, simply reuse the tea from the previous pot by placing the tea infuser pot back inside the tea pot and refill the hot tea maker with water.


     Stylish and functional

    This teapot boasts of a stylish upscale contemporary design that can make a statement in any kitchen.


    Brewing Excellence

    The infusers are designed in a way to extract the full flavours in the tea. Also, the plastic free materials ensure that your tea is free of harmful chemicals that may affect the flavour of the tea and your health.


    Full Control of The Taste

    Once your tea has reached its desired strength, you can remove the tea strainer from the teapot and enjoy your blend.


    Retains Heat

    The teapot is ergonomically designe to retain the heat. The glass quality and thickness allows you to avoid constant heating.


    Easy to Use and Clean

    Designed to eliminate leaks and spills when pouring, this teapot is easy to use and mess free. The handle shape makes it perfect for a sturdy grip. It is also great to clean by hand or in a dishwasher.


  • 1. Add some loose tea leaves or a tea bag into the removable tea infuser.
    2. Add hot water as per your requirement
    3. Cover the lid
    4. Let it brew for 2- 5 mins
    5. Your tea is ready to be enjoyed
    6. Enjoy a friendly cup of green tea, oolong tea or black tea - whatever be your poison! :)

    • Borosilicate teapot (high quality, insulated)
    • Stainless steel infuser
    • Stainless steel lid

    • Dimensions - LXBXH = 7X5X3.5 (inches)
    • Volume - 680 ml

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