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Three of our best juices, in one pack! Contains 10 sachets each of our Beet & Amla Juice, Amla Juice and Lemon & Ginger juice. Drink one glass a day to achieve your health goals! Call us for a complementary diet chart!

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    • Natural source of micro-nutrients not available in daily diet
    • Boosts energy and immunity
    • Reduces lethargy and stress
    • Improves digestion and removes acidity
    • Is a great substitute for unwanted cups of tea and coffee
    • Burns fat, when consumed as per our diet chart

    • 10 sachets of 5-Veggies Flat Belly Super Juice
    • 10 sachets of Anti-ageing Amla Juice
    • 10 sachets of Morning Detox Lemon Ginger Juice

    • Have at-least one glass a day. You can also have two to three glasses if you'd like. It is a healthier and low calorie substitute for other beverages.

    • Pour the contents of the sachet in a 200 ml - 300 ml glass. Add either chilled or normal water as per your liking. Stir the contents till everything dissolves.

  • Yes, this tri-pack is for anyone who is a little bit health conscious. These juices are your excellent travel companion and office companion. Whenever you are cracing caffeine or sugar, go for this juice instead.

  • "I have so many meetings the whole day, and wherever I go, my clients offer me tea or coffee. At one point, my tea and coffee consumption had gone up to 10 glasses a day. But thanks to Zoe, now I am sorted. I just carry 5-7 sachets of this juice in my bag wherever I go. Whenever someone offers me tea or coffee, I make my own juice instead." - Kanika Jindal, CSR Consultant, Genpact

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