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  • What is Zoe?

    Zoe is a nutrition-first foods & beverages brand that helps your meet your health goals through natural and nutritious foods. We help people meet their weight loss, immunity, digestion and general health and fitness goals through our One Day Detox Diet. Zoe’s One Day Detox helps our customers lose 500 grams to 1.5 kilos in a day and improves their immunity, digestion and metabolism.

  • Where do we deliver?

    Zoe delivers all over India and in many countries internationally. You can select your location and city on the website and place your order.

  • Are Detox Diets really effective?

    Zoe’s detox diets are 100% effective in helping you get the right nutrition and in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Our one day detox is made from super-foods which not only get you the right nutrition but also helps burn the calories. Zoe’s detox help our customers in weight loss, immunity, metabolism, sleep and digestion.

  • How often should I do the detox?

    We recommend you do the detox once a week, as it reduces your food consumption by 15-20%, burns calories and gives your digestive system a day’s break. We have served this detox to more than 1 lac people in India today and it has made a remarkable difference in our customer’s lives

  • What kind of licenses and certifications do you have?

    We have the following licenses:

    • FSSAI
    • NPOP Organic
    • HACCP (Hazard and critical control point)
    • US FDA (For shipping our products globally)
    • Tea Board of India (For selling teas in India and internationally)

  • Are you open to suggestions from customers?

    Please give us feedback, we are fanatical about it!

  • Do you only use natural and fresh ingredients?

    We only use natural ingredients in our products. In fact, all our products are preservative free, chemical free, and free of artificial chemicals and colours. We attempt to obtain the highest quality food from as close to us as possible. We believe in food that has been minimally processed, thereby maintaining the most nutrients. We prepare almost everything in house to maintain strict quality control over every Zoe product we serve.

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