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  • What is Zoe?

    Zoe is a nutrition-first foods & beverages brand. Zoe is your go-to resource when you don't want to compromise on health, convenience or taste. It's superior, locally sourced ingredients. It's complete and easy to understand nutritional information. It's knowing exactly what you're eating, and how much. Basically, Zoe is eating well and living better, without the hard-work. Our current offering includes cold-pressed juices, vegan milks, fruits and vegetables, etc.

  • How does Zoe work?

    We offer two kinds of online orders you can place:

    • 'Subscription' orders - To reap most health benefits from our products, we recommend that you order a weekly or monthly subscription of our products. Click on 'Subscription', select the subscription plan, place the order, sit back and relax.
    • 'Deliver Now' orders - If you're not yet ready to take the leap of faith, and you just want to try out our products before subscribing, you could go for this option. View 'Today's Menu', place your order, and your products will be delivered to you in a few hours!
  • Where do we deliver?

    We are currently delivering in Gurgaon. We will come to Delhi & Noida soon.

  • How long do Zoe foods last at home?

    Our meals and snacks will last up to 3 days in your refrigerator. All of our meals carry labels with expiration dates. Zoe meals are fresh made, so eating them soon after purchase date is best.

  • Does Zoe do gift cards?

    Yes, of course! What better gift than a gift of health for your loved ones? :) Email us on to order your gift cards.

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