One Day Detox

24 hours to a healthier you!

Fasting once a week is a recommended practice in Ayurveda to give the digestive system a day’s break and flush out toxins. Zoe’s One Day Detox is a modern twist to the traditional concept of fasting. You get 12 items inside the detox box that you need to consume. At the end of the detox day, you will feel light, refreshed and rejuvenated. We also give you a personalized healthy eating plan with every purchase.

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Reduces bloating
  • Improves immunity
  • Boosts gut health
  • Improves digestion
  • PCOS & thyroid friendly

INR 1250/-

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The detox that your mind and body needs!

How to lose weight, how to manage health conditions like PCOS and thyroid. Foods to include in your diet, foods to avoid, motivation, assistance and personal support. Our team is available for you over call, whatsapp and email to help you win in your journey. While you are the superhero of your journey, we are the sidekicks! 😊

  1. How does Zoe’s One Day Detox work?
  2. I want to lose weight, will this help?
  3. Is it safe? Are there any side-effects?
  4. What kind of eating and nutrition plan comes with it?
  5. Are the products inside the detox box natural?
  6. Is it for both men and women?
  7. I have PCOS/thyroid. Will it help me?
  8. Can nursing mothers do the detox?
  9. Is it safe for diabetics?
  10. Will it help with digestion, constipation & gut health?
  11. Do I need to do any type of workout?

Detox Day Schedule.

The One Day Detox contains 12 items that are your meals for the entire day. You don’t need to consume anything else apart from that.

You will get these 12 items that you need to consume the entire day.

Feel the Magic


Feel The Magic

Sweet Orange and Sesame Seeds Oil Pulling

Feel the Magic


Feel the Youth

Rose and Sandalwood Instant Glow Facepack

Feel the Magic


Feel the Fuel

Almond and Raisin Muesli with Milk/Yogurt

Feel the Magic


Feel the Optimism

7 Spices Organic Kashmiri Green Tea

Feel the Magic


Feel the Bliss

Bael Juice

Feel the Magic


Feel the Win

Chia Seeds and Cinnamon Detox Water

Feel the Magic


Feel the Goodness

Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea

Feel the Magic


Feel The Zeal

Tomato Soup

Feel the Magic


Feel the Growth

Corn Soup

Feel the Magic


Feel the Passion

Phalsa Juice

Feel the Magic


Feel the Purpose

Aam Panna

Feel the Magic


Feel the Love

9 Spices Herbal Yoga Tea

Designed for
Awesome Results!

Looking at losing weight?

Get a personalized eating plan made for you!

Get your personalized eating plan now.

The One Day Detox comes with a personalized eating plan designed by our team of nutritionists. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve overall fitness, tackle health issues like PCOS, thyroid or make the right food choices, it all starts from eating right. Our team understands your lifestyle and food preferences to make a nutrition plan that is customised for you.


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