ZOE’S DAY DETOX – Lost 1.5kgs!

Zoe’s Day Detox works great for me, lost 1.5 kg in a day !


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I tried Zoe detox with great results .I have tried it twice. And had seen the same extremely rare result of 1.5 kg loss from the previous day in both occasions. And what is even more critical is that after that the weight maintained over the following days or reduced . This implies to me that the weight loss was not a water weight. All the products taste great so you don’t feel like it’s a compromise. Also the great response by their team member was great . Replying at any odd hour on any query that I raised. Extremely supportive. Cheers


About Zoe’s Day Detox :

This is one of our most loved product and works best for everyone. Our One Day Detox program will remarkably improve the quality of your life. It will cleanse out all the toxins from your body, which will improve your metabolism that will help you in your weight loss.

Our detox is based on the principles of Ayurveda & naturopathy, which say that fasting or detox is a must for every individual.

Benefits :

  • Helps lose 500 grams to 1.5 kilos in a day
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves metabolism
  • Provides digestive system a day’s break
  • Improves work productivity
  • Burn fats
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Purifies your liver

Schedule :

In your detox pack, you get 13 items. 12 items need to be consume in 12 hours on your detox day! The 13th item needs to be consumed the morning after. Your detox pack contains all the products that you need to consume in the entire day. Just follow the schedule in the pack and feel refreshed and rejuvenated for days to come.

Below is your schedule:
[6AM-8AM] – Upon Waking Up
Amla Drink & Instant Glow Face Mask[8AM-10AM] – Breakfast
Muesli to be consumed with milk/creamer/yoghurt
Organic Spiced Kashmiri Green Tea[10AM-11AM] – Post Breakfast Snack
Lemon Ginger Instant Drink

[12PM-2PM] – Lunch
Tomato Soup
Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea

[2PM-4PM] – Post Lunch Snack
Beet & Amla Instant Drink

[4PM-6PM] – Evening Snack
Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea

[6PM-7PM] – Pre Dinner Snack
Lemon Juice

[8PM-9PM] – Dinner
Corn Soup

[9PM-11PM] – Bedtime Drink
Organic Caffeine Free Lemongrass
& Chamomile Tea

[6AM-9AM] – Morning After
Tulsi Green Tea

Contact Details :

For More Details visit our link ” https://zoe.menu/product/detox-diets/one-day-detox ”

Or call us at 9205534967


Zoe, meaning 'life' in Greek, is a nutrition-first foods & beverages brand. We are committed to enhancing your life by making nutritionally rich foods for you everyday, foods that will remarkably improve your overall health, nutrition, happiness and well-being. Our foods have phenomenal life-uplifting properties, making it the best choice for you and your family.

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