DAY DETOX – Definitely recommend for a quick detox!

Day Detox – Lost 800g in a day! And i didn’t feel hungry or weak even for a minute. Definitely recommend for a quick detox!

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I did the Zoe one day detox and totally loved it! Lost about 800 gms, and didn’t gain it back later (maintained with clean eating and working out). There are a lot of myths about liquid diets and I was apprehensive about doing it. But when I finally decided to do it and it was worth! It was rejuvenating. It didn’t make me feel hungry or weak even for a minute. In fact I even worked out towards the end of the day and it didn’t make me weak. Definitely recommend for a quick detox!


About One Day Detox :

Eating healthy daily is a challenge given our lifestyles. Zoe’s One Day Detox is designed for weight loss and for getting the right nutrition without changing your lifestyle.

Zoe's One Month Detox - 4 Packs of One Day Detox

Weight Loss, Metabolism, Immunity, Digestion, Flushes Toxins

Benefits :

  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves metabolism
  • Provides digestive system a day’s break
  • Improves work productivity
  • Cleanse out toxins from your body

How to Consume ?

[6AM-8AM] – Upon Waking Up
Amla Drink & Instant Glow Face Mask
[8AM-10AM] – Breakfast
Muesli to be consumed with milk/creamer/yoghurt
Organic Spiced Kashmiri Green Tea

[10AM-11AM] – Post Breakfast Snack
Lemon Ginger Instant Drink

[12PM-2PM] – Lunch
Tomato Soup
Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea

[2PM-4PM] – Post Lunch Snack
Beet & Amla Instant Drink

[4PM-6PM] – Evening Snack
Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea

[6PM-7PM] – Pre Dinner Snack
Lemon Juice

[8PM-9PM] – Dinner
Corn Soup

[9PM-11PM] – Bedtime Drink
Organic Caffeine Free Lemongrass
& Chamomile Tea

[6AM-9AM] – Morning After
Tulsi Green Tea

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