Your Guide To The One Day Detox Cleanse Diet

We’ve compiled a list of to-dos and how-tos that you need to follow during your one-day cleanse program.

Hi Detox Diet Fan!

Congratulations on your decision to go for one day detox diet! You are going to feel amazing post cleanse, and your body will thank you for this.

Though we’ve tried to address most of the queries that we get during the cleanse diet of our customers, if some questions still bugs you, or you need motivation to keep going during the day, do give us a shout. Call us / Whatsapp us / e-mail us – we’re there for you 24/7.


What are the benefits of the cleanse?

Improved metabolism, immunity and functioning of the digestive system are some of the benefits we can vouch for. Our customers also end up losing .8 kg to 2 kgs every time they do the cleanse. Another important benefit of the cleanse is that you learn self control and discipline – both virtues that will go a long way!


What should I eat one day prior to the cleanse?

When doing a cleanse, it’s important to ease in and out of your cleanse in order to maximize your cleanse results. Fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, soups, and salads are great pre and post-cleanse meals. You should try and eat these both before and after meals for better results, even if you don’t, it’s fine.


What should I eat for breakfast after the cleanse?

Have a light breakfast on the day after the cleanse. A bowl of fruits & a toast is ideal. You could also have poha, daliya or a light sandwich too. You might feel the urge to have a lavish breakfast the next day, but try not to do that!


What do I eat if I am still hungry during my cleanse?

There are a few things you can eat and drink that won’t break the cleanse, like cucumber and green tea. So you are allowed to have these, nothing else.


Should I exercise on the  day of the cleanse?

We recommend that after consuming each meal, you walk around for 10-15 minutes indoors, so as to digest what you have consumed. If you are in the habit of working out regularly, we’d recommend that you do mild work-outs, like walking or light cardio. Nothing too heavy, as it will make you super hungry!


Should I drink water during the cleanse?

Yes! And plenty of it. Your body will be hard at work detoxifying and will be using up lots of water in the process, leaving you feeling tired, hungry, and can even cause headaches. Adding lemon, lime, or cucumbers to water is super refreshing and makes drinking water a little more fun! If you just can’t get yourself to have water, have some detox water.


Can I drink coffee or tea during the day?

Well, we’ve already included coffee in your cleanse package, because we know you cannot do without it! However, if you want more, go for it. As long as it is without sugar, and with very little milk, it is allowed. Try to avoid very milky or sugary stuff during the cleanse.


Why does my cleanse contain coffee?

Most of us are quite addictive to caffeine, hence we have designed the cleanse specially to cater to that. If you feel that you don’t want coffee, we can make pure almond milk for you as well.


Will I feel weak?

The Zoe cleanse is designed in such a way that you have a fulfilling breakfast in the start of the day, which gives you the right dose of energy to keep you going. You will not feel weak, but you will feel hungry in the evening.


Will I feel hungry?

Yes, you will feel slightly hungry towards the end of the day!


Will I feel dizziness, or get headaches?

Yes and no. If you’re doing a cleanse for the first time, you might find it a little difficult to do it. And psychologically, you might end up feeling weak. But don’t worry, you will be fine.


Why does my cleanse contain dairy?

We feel that yoghurt is good for the stomach – it helps improve your gut flora, and keeps your belly cool. Also, dairy keeps you full for a long time, so you don’t feel like you are starving.

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