Healthy New Year – Lets Start With A Fun Resolution

The new year always starts with a bang and a long list of resolutions, the most common of which is to live a healthier lifestyle to make it a healthy new year. But more often than not, a couple months into the year these resolutions begin to fade away and are put aside until the next year comes.


But to help you stay on track, here are some easy fun resolutions that will help you stay motivated to have a healthy new year.

  1. Keep A Food Journal – writing down what you eat everyday will allow you to review and moderate your food habits ensuring that you keep away those unnecessary calories.
  2. Find A Workout Buddy – getting yourself motivated to work out can be tough. But if you have someone willing to give you the tough love, it’s hard to find excuses. Find a friend to workout with and you’ll find yourself skipping your workouts a lot less.
  3. Set Goals And Reward Yourself – it is a proven fact that setting personal goals is a very effective way of achieving your targets. Similarly personal rewards also act as excellent motivational tools. Something as simple as, “I’ll treat myself to a massage on the way back after a workout,” is enough to get you to the gym in the first place.
  4. Maintain An Updated Playlist – when you have an inspiring and motivating jam to keep you pumped up, you’ll find yourself more and more eager to work up a sweat. Whether it is dancing to the newest electronic tracks or running to an upbeat indie track, music is a great way to get your spirits up.
  5. Stock Up Your Fridge With Healthy Goodies – when you have healthy food in the fridge, you’ll find yourself eating out a lot less. Why spend more when you already have such great food options in the house?


Let us know how these tips worked out for you. Do write to us if you want to share some fantastic health tips.

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