Detox Special Terrific Trio Tea Sticks From Zoe

With the growing concern of health problems, new and new technology are being developed each day to counter it. But with the busy schedule , it becomes nearly impossible to follow a strict diet plan. Rapid change in technology has brought modern ways to counter this problem. However nature has provided its own ways to detox the human body. Oranges, Lemon, Garlic, Broccoli are some of the few food items. Along with these, Green Tea is an excellent detoxifying agent.

Drinking tea is an everyday activity which people enjoy wholeheartedly. At times tea is a necessity, at times it is for pleasure or to give company to our loved ones. Its a beverage that is made on a daily basis in every household or office. Tea plays an important role which is very close to our life. So why not make this beverage both enjoyable and nutritious!


Zoe presents you with its terrific “Detox-Trio Tea Sticks” which makes drinking tea both refreshing and enjoyable.

Detox Trio


This pack contains 28 tea sticks of each of the following teas:

    • 28 Tea Sticks of Calming & Relaxing Lemongrass Green Tea
    • 28 Tea Sticks of Organic Kashmiri Spiced Green Tea
    • 28 Tea Sticks of Daily Detox Green Tea


Consume one cup of tea a day for the entire month to keep yourself healthy and refreshing.


Benefits of drinking “Lemon-Grass Green Tea”

  • Contains several antioxidants, which can help scavenge free radicals in the body that may cause disease
  • Helps in containing inflammation
  • A remedy for upset stomach and other digestive problems
  • Helps kick-start your metabolism and reduce weight


Benefits of drinking “Kashmiri Spiced Green Tea”

  • Consumption after food helps in digestion and burning fat
  • Contains Vitamin B12 which helps to build immunity
  • Presence of antioxidants helps reduce acne and moisturizes the skin
  • Recharges the body instantly when tired
  • Relieves headache and keeps the body active


Benefits of drinking “Daily Detox Green Tea”

  • Purifies the circulatory system
  • All-round Dental care


Consuming tea on a daily basis is all the body needs for a healthy living. Achieve all the benefits with the terrific trio tea pack.

Start opting for ‘Herbal Tea’ this summer to kick-start your detox journey. Choose to include refreshing tea to your diet. Make a smart choice today. Combat heat and dehydration. Feel fresh and young with ZOE- Nutrition For Life.

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Eat well. Live well. Feel amazing. Exercise daily. Be positive. Smile a lot. Laugh aloud. Make new friends. Be kind to strangers. Be happy. Detox regularly. Drink lots of water. Stay away from junk foods. A little care will help build a different you.

Some tips for healthy life. Because we care for you.


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