Zoe’s One Month Detox Plan – Lost 2.3kgs For Just 2 Detox – Totally encouraging! 2 More Weeks To Go!

Zoe’s One Month Detox Plan – When i checked my weight i couldn’t believe that i lost 2.3kgs for just 2 detox. Totally encouraging. 2 more weeks to go!

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I came across this on insta and liked the idea of a detox. Gave it a thought. And finally went for the one month detox pack(4 one day detox). The juices and soups are awesome…very tasty. I don’t drink tea, so juz a lil hiccup there but anyways completed 2 weeks. When i checked my weight i couldn’t believe that i lost 2.3kgs for juz 2 detoxs. Totally encouraging. 2 more weeks to go.

About One Month Detox Plan :

One Month Detox plan helps you loss weight, improve immunity, boost metabolism & flush out toxins from your body, just by detoxing 4 times a month. It contain 4 kits of the ‘One Day Detox’. You are advised to do it once a week for best results. The pack also contains a detailed diet chart which can be followed optionally for remaining 26 days of the week to maintain the weight that you lost on your detox day.


Benefits Of One Month Detox Plan :

  • Helps in losing weight. If you do the detox once a week for a month, you will see a reduction of 2 – 4 kgs, depending on your current weight, lifestyle, metabolism, gender and age.
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves metabolism
  • Provides digestive system a day’s break
  • Improves work productivity
  • Completely reboots your digestive system, and problems of gas and bloating go away.
  • According to research, fasting also helps to improve eye-sight in the long run.


What Our Pack Contain?

Each pack contains the following:

  • 1 Instant Glow 100% certified organic Face Mask
  • 4 teas to improve metabolism and facitilate fat burb
  • 4 natural juices loaded with micro and macro nutrients
  • 2 natural soups which are low calorie and filling
  • 1 pack of muesli which needs to be consumed with milk / yoghurt for breakfast


Schedule :

In each detox kit, you get 13 items. 12 items need to be consume in 12 hours on your detox day! The 13th item needs to be consumed the morning after. Your detox pack contains all the products that you need to consume in the entire day.

Below is your schedule.
[6AM-8AM] – Upon Waking Up
Amla Drink & Instant Glow Face Mask[8AM-10AM] – Breakfast
Muesli to be consumed with milk/creamer/yoghurt
Organic Spiced Kashmiri Green Tea[10AM-11AM] – Post Breakfast Snack
Lemon Ginger Instant Drink[12PM-2PM] – Lunch
Tomato Soup
Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea[2PM-4PM] – Post Lunch Snack
Beet & Amla Instant Drink[4PM-6PM] – Evening Snack
Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea[6PM-7PM] – Pre Dinner Snack
Lemon Juice

[8PM-9PM] – Dinner
Corn Soup

[9PM-11PM] – Bedtime Drink
Organic Caffeine Free Lemongrass
& Chamomile Tea

[6AM-9AM] – Morning After
Tulsi Green Tea

Contact Details :

Check this link for more details  ” https://zoe.menu/product/detox-diets/one-month-detox-4-packs-of-one-day-detox

Or Contact us at 9205534967

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