8 Surprising Habits That Will Come with Yoga Practise

This post is a funny take on modern day Yogis! Read on and tell us your experience!

Yoga – The Art of Achieving A State of Spiritual Insight and Peace

All of us go through these phases in life. Sometimes we are aggressive, sometimes we are dormant, sometimes we are in a rat-race of sorts, sometimes we want to slow down. Sometimes we want to over-achieve and sometimes we just want to lie low. Yoga, accordingly to ancient texts, is a state of self-awareness. I would say yoga is an important ‘phase’ that all of us must experience in life. When you are in the yoga phase of life, you will gain a new perspective on life, and start experiencing new things.

Here’s a fun list of things I’ve compiled that yogis end up doing, whether they are 16 or 60! If you are doing the things mentioned in this list, it means you’re going on the right track of self-discovery!

  1. For some time at least, you will feel like trying one or more of these diets – veganism, vegetarianism, gluten-free diet, zero-carbs diet, protein-only diet, etc The fancier it sounds, the better for you!
  1. Your wardrobe will see a paradigm shift – from extra skinny, low-rise, cropped, torn & treated jeans to comfy PJs which are 2 sizes bigger, with combed cotton finish, and soft pastel colours.
  1. Your junk jewellery collection will have colourful beads in all shapes and sizes, and your trips to the local markets will get more and more frequent. Your new favourite hang-outs are Janpath in Delhi, Tibetan Market in Bangalore, Colaba Causeway in Mumbai and New Market in Kolkata.
  1. Your playlist will have more of meditational, Carnatic, instrumental, relaxational music, and less of international & rock music.
  1. You will become an early riser. Well, err, by early we mean 8:30 am on a Sunday!
  1. Your travel plans will look totally different. You will suddenly want to go to the Himalayas more often, activities like trekking, bird watching and walking will interest you more. You will become a nature lover too.
  1. You will find yourself taking deep breaths to relax, whenever you are in dire straights.
  1. You will become a little philosophical, for sure. You will start thinking about your life goals, and the worth of it.

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