Detox Tea Review – Walking The Talk!

Fayette from Belgium gave Zoe’s 7-day tea detox a try, and this was her detox tea review:


“Summer is about to be here, and I need to have my body ready for summer. So I was looking for a good detox tea online when I found out about Zoe’s 7-day tea detox. I saw that the word of mouth for Zoe’s 7-day tea detox was very positive and everyone was raving about the health benefits that accompanies the consumption of the detox tea. But if we are being frank with ourselves, we will admit that we only take detox tea to shed weight and experience the ‘slimming effect’.


So I ordered Zoe’s 7-day tea detox enticed by the buoyant detox tea review.

The pack had the following contents – 7 packets meant for each day, containing smaller packs of 4 different teas, a diet chart and postcards. The schedule of tea was:

I found the tea to do exactly what they say. It gives me generous amount of energy during the day and suppresses my appetite for the day. The tea has a very pleasant and light taste and aroma to them and it takes minutes to prepare them. Now coming to the actual litmus test – the weight loss test. I used to weigh 65.5 kilos before the week of tea detox. Post-detoxing I weighed 62.7 kilos, so that’s a reduction of almost 3 kilos achieved in just 7 days. I didn’t even do any workout or exercise apart from my daily walking during this detoxing period. So I can truly say Zoe’s 7-day tea detox returns pure value for your money. It has both the health benefits and the weight loss benefits and it helps get you on the right track for eating healthy in the long run. TRY IT!


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