Detox Tea – Every Foodie’s Redemption

One of our customers, Barbara, from Alabama, United States penned her thoughts on her experience of Zoe’s 7 day detox tea.


I have to confess that being a foodie I don’t shy away from trying new delicious nosh. I often find myself indulging in calorie-rich foods. People like me need a detox every week. The process that we have to follow and the side-effects associated with dieting and detoxing make them very testing. So the concept of detoxing through tea naturally sounded too good to be true.


Nevertheless, I decided to give Zoe’s 7 day detox tea a try, to test the claims.

It took five days for the neat little package to arrive. The teas were all packed according to the schedule of their consumption. A diet chart was also provided which was required to follow to obtain the most of our tea detox diet. A couple of cute postcards were also in the pack.

The Green Tea meant to be taken in the morning was interspersed with Kashmiri spices, giving off a very sophisticated aroma and a pleasant taste. I did feel quite peppy after I drank it. The Black Tea supposed to be sipped in the afternoon had a traditional yet savory Darjeeling feel to it. But my favorite tea was the Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea meant to be taken in the evening. It was the best green tea I have ever tasted. Though it was smooth and healthy, yet the flavor was to be reveled in. It had a calming influence on my nerves and could relax my stressed nerves after a hectic day. The Organic Chamomile and Lemongrass had a herbal fruity taste to it and was to be consumed before bed.


I observed a weight loss of 3.6 kilograms in just a week of following this regimen. Adding to the merits were the fact that I had no side-effects while I savoured the detox tea. In fact it was an enjoyable process. I will recommend every foodie who is looking for a way to detox to try out Zoe’s 7 day tea detox.

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