Tea Sticks From Zoe, Amazing! – Sonali’s Review

Detox – the art of letting go. Zoe – a health brand gives the concept of detox an interesting edge. It is an answer to longevity, good health, ageing, going natural with a fulfilling taste. One of our customers Sonali tried out Zoe’s “7 Day Tea Detox“, one of our best selling products. She find her amazing experience with Zoe’s tea sticks to be worthy of sharing with others and encourage others to enjoy its lofty benefits. This is what she has to say:

“Initially I was skeptical of this product but was already in a mess with my calories intake. I had tried almost everything but could not reduce even a kg. However, after I used Zoe’s “7 Day Tea Detox”, I didn’t have to wait long to see a visible change. I observed a weight loss of 2 kgs in just a week of following this regimen. Adding to the merits was the fact that it has no side-effects while I savored the detox tea. In fact it was an enjoyable process. I will recommend Zoe’s tea sticks to others, who is looking for a way to detox. It does worth a try.”

Our “7 Day Tea Detox” is specially designed to help you lose weight, improve your immunity and metabolism, flush out unwanted toxins from your body, and to improve your overall lifestyle and health. It comes with a nutritionist-approved diet chart. This detox is not a meal replacement. You will still have to eat your meals.


Here is the schedule for the tea sticks:

There are 7 packets in your detox box, one for each day of the week. Each packet has 4 tea sticks, which you need to consume as per the below schedule.

  • After Breakfast: Organic Kashmiri Spiced Green Tea
  • After Lunch: Darjeeling Special Exotic Black Tea
  • Evening Snacks: Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea
  • Bedtime: Calming & Relaxing Lemongrass Green Tea


Forget dieting and start living, enjoying the food you eat. Do something that will create lasting changes in your life. Right food determines how you age – a lifetime investment. Detox to balance your inner ecosystem and repair your gut. Percolate the basic tenets of detox, primarily discipline, at every single step.



Team Zoe

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