Rose And Sandalwood For a Flawless Skin

Nature’s bounty has cooling and soothing properties. It gives us the perfect ingredient for beauty products. From daily skin care, to healing rashes, fighting skin blemishes, reducing dullness and tans, and delaying wrinkles and lines, the advantages of sandalwood for skin are enormous. Regular use of this antibacterial powder can fight acne-causing bacteria, exfoliate the skin, soothe sunburn, remove suntan, and reduce signs of aging like dry skin and wrinkles. However, we go for creams and lotions available in the market, which contain harmful chemicals. Most of these have adverse effect on skin, or of no affect. The natural raw ingredients hide the secret for lasting flawless glowing skin. The perfect concoction of rose and sandalwood would nurture your skin from within, and give the beautiful natural glow for which you always longed for.

Have a look, how rose and sandalwood can nurture your skin to fight different skin problems:


Vanishes dark circles

Treat it at home. Make a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water. Apply this mixture of rose and sandalwood under the eyes before sleeping, and wash it off in the morning.


Get rid off pimples and acne

All you need is one tablespoon each of turmeric powder and sandalwood powder, and three tablespoons of rose water. Now, mix these well to make a smooth thick paste and apply it on your face. Wash this paste after 20 minutes of application. This is a very effective remedy to cure pimples and acne. This pack not only clears the existing pimples and acne from your face, but also prevents any occurrence in future.


For a fairer and lovelier skin

Simply use sandalwood powder in case your skin is oily; and sandalwood oil if you have dry skin. Now, mix these ingredients well to make a smooth paste using one teaspoon of turmeric,one tablespoon of sandalwood oil/powder, one tablespoon of gram flour, and rose water. Apply this paste on your face and let it dry for few minutes. Wash your face after 15-20 minutes. This is an excellent remedy for those aspiring for a fairer skin tone, irrespective of their skin types. Use this face pack regularly so as to attain glowing and fairer complexion.


To treat dryness

Make a smooth paste using a teaspoon of rose water; and three teaspoons each of sandalwood oil and milk powder. Apply this paste on your face in circular motion and let it be dry for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off with normal water. The rose water will act as a toner; and, sandalwood oil and milk will nourish your skin with the moisture it requires.This pack that balances the natural pH level of the skin. Follow this remedy every day, so as to get a well-hydrated and glowing skin.


Control the oil level of your skin

Sandalwood provides is an answer for not only dry skin but also for the oily skin. To control the excess secretion of oil from your skin mix one tablespoon of fuller’s earth (multani mitti) and one tablespoon of sandalwood powder with rose water. The amount of rose water should be sufficient to ensure that the paste is neither too thick nor too thin. Now, apply this paste on your face, and wait for around 20-30 minutes and wash it off with normal water. Apply this face pack at least thrice a week to enjoy smooth, natural, fresh and non-oily skin.


Anti-tan supplement

Squeeze half a lemon in four teaspoons of sandalwood powder  to get a perfect solution for all your tanning issues. It will soothe the skin as well as lighten it.


Anti-ageing property

The anti-inflammatory and the antioxidants agents present in sandalwood helps to improve blood circulation. It also helps to detoxify the skin and prevents the formation of free radicals that cause wrinkles. Thus, sandalwood is an excellent natural anti-ageing agent. Mix well two teaspoons each of sandalwood powder and fuller’s earth (multani mitti). Squeeze a lemon and pour some rose water in the mox to make a smooth paste. Apply this on your face and let it dry. Wash it off with cold water once the pack dries up and pat dry. Apply this face pack at least twice every week for an ever-young skin. Because age is just a number.


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