No Time for exercise: Start Detoxification

In this hush and rush, world, we tend to neglect our health. We all are aware that daily exercise is required in order to maintain our health against all odds. But do we adhere to that? Are we neglecting it because of lack of time or interest? Whatever be the reason, we tend to derelict it on a regular basis. So for those who cannot exercise on a daily basis can go for a process called detoxification, in order to curb health hazards that come as a hurdle.  Detoxification in a layman’s term is the process of flushing out the unnecessary toxins out of our body.


So from the house of Zoe Nutrition For Life comes many life-changing products to help you with all your health-related problems through detoxification.


So let us look at some of them

  1. One Day Detox – Zoe’s One day detox is designed to help you lose weight, improve immunity, boost metabolism & flush out toxins from your body. You can achieve it just by detoxing once a week, without changing your lifestyle. Some of its immediate benefits are –
      • Helps in losing weight. If you do the detox once a week for a month, you will see a reduction of 2 – 4 kgs, depending on your current weight, lifestyle, metabolism, gender and age.
      • Boosts immunity
      • Improves metabolism
      • Provides digestive system with a day’s break
      • Improves work productivity
      • Completely reboots your digestive system, and problems of gas and bloating go away.
      • According to research, fasting also helps to improve eyesight in the long run.


  2. 7 day Tea Detox – It is specially designed to curb your weight gain and all health ailments. Some of its benefits are –
    • You will burn fats and lose unwanted kilos.
    • You will rest your digestive track.
    • You will enhance your metabolism.
    • You will clear your colon.
    • Your body will absorb nutrients more efficiently.
    • You will experience increase your energy levels.
    • You will have healthier skin and hair.
    • You will purify your liver.

3. 5-Veggies Flat Belly super juice – Containing 5 superfoods – amla, beetroot, lemon, mint & ginger. This super juice is a 100% natural source of micronutrients. This juice helps curb your hunger pangs, boosts immunity & metabolism, and promotes weight loss & inch loss. Some of its benefits are –

    • Burns fat.
    • Natural source of micro-nutrients not available in a daily diet.
    • Boosts energy and immunity.
    • Reduces lethargy and stress.
    • Improves digestion and removes acidity.
    • Is a great substitute for unwanted cups of tea and coffee



Team Zoe

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