Married Or Single – How To Identify? – Have You Thought About This Before?

Can you predict just at one glance that if a person is in a relationship or single? Or if he is married or not? Let’s try to understand this convoluted story. If you take a closer look into their home or their personal habits, there are some telltale signs that will point you in the right direction.


Here is our humorous take on the difference in the lives of someone who is married versus one who is single.

  1. Refrigerator

Married: If the person is married, you are most likely to find that the fridge in their house is fully stocked with fruits and vegetables, yummy sauces and ingredients, milk, cheese, juices, and lots more.

Single: The only thing you’ll see if you open the fridge will be a half eaten loaf of bread and packets of leftover food from the last 3 meals. And maybe a few beer bottles.

  1. Breakfast

Married: A married person is treated to a wholesome and delicious breakfast; something like eggs and toast, with a glass of juice and some healthy wholegrain muesli. Bacon on the side, if they are really lucky too.

Single: A single person will most likely be forced to eat the last few scraps of cornflakes with little or almost no milk, because no one at home bothered to buy a fresh pack.

  1. Social Life

Married: The social life of a married couple will mostly consist of potluck dinners hosted at home over unnecessarily expensive wine and mind numbing chitter-chatter.

Single: Loud parties, cocktails, second hand smoke and lots of dancing will just be the beginning of a night that’s going to result in a dreadful hangover.


Nevertheless, we need to enjoy every phase of life: single or married 😛

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