It Ain’t A Festival Without Sweets And Lots Of Foods

Dushera is done! Dandia on those Navratri days are enjoyed fervently. Happy moments, laughter, family time, all goodies and lovely exchanges have taken a momentous place in your perfect memory lane. After all those good moments are you worried? Had you woke up to a bad dream where your roly-poly image is staring frightened at the mirror? “What all those delicious foods and sweets had done to my figure. :( ” . “OMG! I have gained 3 kilos in these 10 days.” Take a deep breathe and relax. There is a way for all your worries. Learn some of the awesome detox mantras to stay fit and blessed with this write-up.


Here are some of the awesome detox mantras to help your body get ready for Diwali and other upcoming festivals: 


Disgorge your body flaws with something raw

Around 40 per cent of your daily diet should be comprised of raw vegetables and fruits. Dark leafy green vegetables; including yellow, purple, orange and red colored fruits and vegetables should garnish the decor of your food table. These not only give you sufficient energy for the whole day but also excrete out toxins in the blood faster.


Say no to artificial

Avoid any artificial colourings, sweeteners and flavors as these give you acidity and inflammation; create puffiness and retain toxins. It is better to stay away from all foods with artificials like processed meats, diet drinks, packet soups etc.


Maintain the purity of your body.

Avoid non-vegetarian food for at least 4 days a week. These food though rich in protein takes longer to digest and pressurize your digestive track.

Try replacing strong teas, coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol with something healthy like lemon tea or green tea. These strong beverages dehydrate body and remove Vitamin B1 from the body. They also encourage loss of important minerals such as potassium, magnesium and sodium. However, lemon tea or green tea not only gives you a refreshing feeling but also rejuvenate your body.


It is always advisable to go light

Go for simple meal like bland khichdi, adding yogurt for soothing your stomach. A yellow dal (a great source of protein) in a meal cooked well is a must.


Rehydrate your dehydrated body

Include large amounts of fluids (this do not substitute water, which is a must) like lemon tea, green tea, raw juices, herbal, regular tea without milk and less sugar.


Cleanse your kidneys

Most of our body toxins are eliminated through skin and the kidneys by sweat and urine. It is important that we help our natural system to carry out their function smoothly. Drinking plenty of water and natural, herbal teas reduce overloading of toxin by expelling toxins through the pores of the body and urine. Pomegranate and Cranberry juice can strengthen the kidneys. Include those in your diet.


Detox your liver

The liver is the most important organ of our body responsible for detoxification. Strengthen your liver with papaya, apple, curd and water in empty stomach.


Detox is an art of letting go. It is an answer to longevity, good health, ageing and going natural with a fulfilling taste. Do not fester toxins either in your body nor your soul. Detox everyday with negative emotions, negative thoughts, unpleasant relationships, situations, and junk in food. We hope these detox mantras would help to discover a new you. Visit us here. We are more than happy to serve you.



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