Wellness Event By Zoe At GlaxoSmithKline

The health and wellness event was organised at GSK office in Gurgaon on 1st March 2017. On this exciting occasion, various activities were arranged for the complete team. The entire team of GSK including the nutritionists, pharmacologists and microbiologists enthusiastically participated in all the tasks.  The total no of attendees were 25-30. 

Here are some wellness event we conducted:

  1. Health kiosk – A kiosk was set up at their office, in which we sold our best selling products at an introductory discount of 20% exclusively for all GSK employees.
    Health and wellness event

    Health Kiosk

  1. Photo-booth – We also took photographs of employees holding our attractive placards. Everyone was cheering up one another for the photo sessions.
    Health and wellness event

    Photo Booth at GSK

  1. Nutrition quiz – A health based quiz was held for employees with questions regarding health & nutrition. As everyone was geared up for the session, it was difficult for us to select winners. So interestingly we did a lucky draw of all the employees who answered correctly, and the three lucky winners got a surprise gift each from Zoe.
  1. Introduction to Zoe’s “One Day Cleanse Diet” –  Our nutritionist educated them regarding the one-day detox diet which can help one lose 1 kg in a day, and improves metabolism & immunity.
    Health and wellness event

    Nutrition Quiz and Talk on One Day Detox By Zoe

  1. Introduction to Zoe’s 7 Day Tea Detox Diet – They were informed about our Ultimate 7-day tea detox which helps one lose 1 – 3 kg in a week’s time, and improves immunity, metabolism & flushes out toxins.
    Health and wellness event

    GSK Team Feeling the Curiosity


The health and wellness event with GSK was a success. It was thrilling to see the GSK team excited for trying our products. The experience was overall wonderful with the complete GSK Team. Thank you for showing love to ZOE.

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