TOI reports the success of Zoe’s Subscription Model

Times of India just loves writing about Zoe – Nutrition for Life, or we’d like to think so! We got talking to them about the success of Zoe’s subscription model of delivery, and it seems like they agree with us!

Read excerpts of this article on the image above!

Gurgaon based Zoe- Nutrition for life does 30% of its total deliveries through subscription. Zoe offers quarterly and monthly subscriptions in Cold pressed juices and tea detoxes.

The subscription model works best for us, as it reduces the costs by bringing down the inventory ( since it is planned based on the subscriptions of the customers). Cash management is improved as most of the payment is made in advance.

– Taniya Dhirasaria, Founder of Zoe – Nutrition for life

The subscription model is offered on One day detox, 7 Day Tea Detox , 28 Day Tea Detox. The time for subscription can be as per customer’s choice – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly.

This article was published on 16th May, 2016, in the main edition of TOI.



Zoe – Nutrition for Life is the premier detox brand of India. To stay healthy and enjoy good taste check out our Cleanse products,  our subscription models. Mail us at : . We will love to hear back from you.

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