One day detox at SOIL

In continuation of the Nutrition @ Workplace initiative, Team Zoe had a brilliant interaction with the future leaders of the country at School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), on March 3rd, 2017. The event commenced with a talk on the growing prominence of nutrition at workplace. Important topics like increased pollution levels and the necessity of adopting a healthier lifestyle were discussed. In the light of these discussions, it was acknowledged that detoxing once a week is a beneficial habit to incorporate in a healthy lifestyle. One day detox cleanse is a process to flush out the toxins and give your digestive system the break it deserves.

This was followed up with a tasting session of Zoe cold-pressed juices & yogurt smoothies. In a fun and interactive conversation with our future leaders, Zoe’s nutrition experts underpinned the need of a healthy and fit body to function in our demanding corporate lives. Following up, it was acknowledged that the modern workplace is very busy and people now rely more on instant convenient foods. These refined foods have concentrated starches and are not particularly healthy. This lifestyle demands a change and adoption of a healthier choices.

one day detox cleanse

An engaging talk on the One day detox cleanse

The experts’ opinion struck an empathetic chord with the students. The students agreed, saying that with increasing work pressures, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become key. Zoe’s nutritious one day detox cleanse diet which contain Cold-Pressed Juices, Yogurt Parfaits, Vegan Coffee and Smoothies are a tasty yet healthy alternative to the processed and refined foods.

one day detox cleanse

Our beautiful setup at SOIL

College students are the future leaders of our country. They will be running the big corporate houses, holding important government positions and will be the drivers of growth and development in the country. It is vital to arm them with the knowledge of right nutritional habits during their busy college schedules, so that they are prepared to make the correct decisions in both personal and work sphere during their hectic professional lives.

one day detox cleanse

Nutritionists sharing the expert opinion

If you are a college student or a faculty member and would like to inculcate healthy nutrition habits in your institute, write to us at with the subject line “Nutrition@Workplace”.


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