Home Remedies to lose weight

Home Remedies are a natural and most trustworthy way of losing weight in the current world. In this busy world getting the right frame and a desirable shape is very hard, particularly when the available time and money is very low. All you need is to know the right information regarding your problem along with discipline and determination.


There are mainly 3 broad home remedies to transform you to have your dream body.

Balanced Diet – 

It is quite obvious but, people still ignore it. Having a balanced diet is a must in order to get a good health and desirable shape. Your Diet must include green and leafy vegetables especially the green ones, fruits, cereals, oats, fish, salmon, ghee, lentils, rice, beans, soybeans,nuts, chana, matar, nuts, yoghurt, eggs, chicken ( in normal quantity), salads, soups and other potential food items. To be precise a balanced diet contains carbohydrates (55%), Fats (20%), Proteins (20%) with chunks of other vitamins and minerals in a quantity of 5%. Do drink plenty of water. This will ensure that you are maintaining a proper health and lose weight if you are obese.

Exercise –  

A healthy diet without adequate exercise is worthless. So make sure you find out at least 20-30 minutes regularly in order to exercise. Adding yoga to your routine can also work wonders on your body. So do some cardio and take up jogging to pursue your dreams. Excercise is one of the most effective home remedies.


Detox is a panacea for this new era. Due to a hectic schedule, people are not able to take out time for exercising or sticking to a proper diet. This this is when detox comes handy. Detox means simply to flush out your toxins from your body in order to keep the body cycle to work smoothly. So there a myriad of detox products available. But it is always better to go for the products which are naturally manufactured or contain natural ingredients.

So from the house of ZOE – Nutrition of Life comes many valuable and life-saving products which can come handy to you and help you to lose weight through detoxification (home remedies).

Have a look at these products which can help you with-

  • Fit body and to lose weight
  • increase immunity
  • flush out toxins and unwanted waste
  • clear colon, and maintain normal blood pressure
  • rising bars of your living standards by improving your overall body condition, and many more


Let me name a few of these-

One Day Detox
7 Day tea Deox
5 Veggies Flat belly juices


Do have a look at these amazing products, their usage, reviews, benefits, and to shop. And for other valuable products do check our site – ZOE Nutrition for life.

So set your dreams and achieve your desired health at one go. Discover the fittest you.



Team Zoe

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