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Sumeet from Rourkela found out the healthy and nutritious benefits of using Zoe’s “3-In-1 Juice Pack”. Read on to know more about what he has to say.


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“It’s been around 15 days since I started with Zoe’s ‘3-IN-1 JUICE PACK’ and I already have started feeling the positive changes it has brought to my body. Along with helping to Detox, it also gave a great relief from my acidity and digestive problems. I have substituted my caffeine intake with these juices and lost about 2 kg since then. This product is very easy to carry and even easier to make. Just add around 250 ml of water to one sachet of juice and you have a healthy drink in your hand. It’s hard to believe that something that is so healthy and beneficial, can tastes really good. If you are always on the go and search for healthy substitutes to your unnecessary caffeine intake and hunger pangs, I would recommend this product.” – Sumeet Singhal, Rourkela


3-In-1 Juice Pack – Healthy And Nutritious

Flat belly super juice, lemon and ginger juice and amla juice – the three best juices to keep you healthy and provide your body with all the necessary nutrients it needs. Drink a glass everyday to achieve your health goals!

You might be planning to increase intake of vegetables in your daily diet. But let us face it – most of you do not like to eat vegetables. Veggies consist of so many essential nutrients that are absolutely necessary for your health.

  • Vegetables are important sources of potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin C.
  • Diets rich in potassium helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Vitamin A keeps eyes and skin healthy and helps to protect against infections.
  • Vitamin C helps heal cuts and wounds and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Vitamin C aids in iron absorption. It is widely present in amla and lemon.

We bring to you a healthy and delicious way of consuming these nutrients. Zoe’s “3-In-1 Juice Pack” contains 10 sachets each of our “5-Veggies Flat Belly Super Juice“, “Anti-ageing Amla Juice” and “Morning Detox Lemon Ginger Juice“. It helps you to detoxify your body and make you feel healthier. Moreover, it is suitable for post pregnancy care and is diabetes friendly. “3-In-1 Juice Pack” helps to boost your metabolism and digestion.



  • Natural source of micro-nutrients not available in daily diet
  • Boosts energy and immunity
  • Reduces lethargy and stress
  • Improves digestion and removes acidity
  • Is a great substitute for unwanted cups of tea and coffee
  • Burns fat, when consumed as per our diet chart
  • Healthy and nutritious



Have at-least one glass a day. You can also have two to three glasses if you’d like. It is a healthier and low calorie substitute for other beverages.


How to prepare:

Pour the contents of the sachet in a 200 ml – 300 ml glass. Add either chilled or normal water as per your liking. Stir the contents till everything dissolves.

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