Why is Bitter Gourd good for your Skin?

Bitter Gourd is also known as Karela in India might not be your favourite vegetable in terms of taste but when it comes to benefits you would be amazed to know how it helps to keep your body as well as skin health. Here are some reasons why you would keep it in your diet.

Bitter Gourd reduces Heat Rashes

If you are suffering from Heat rashes then bitter gourd is the thing that can provide you with an excellent solution. It can also treat your skin in case of sunburn. All you need to do is chop two bitter gourds and boil them in a saucepan for fifteen minutes. Let the liquid water remaining in the saucepan pan cool down and use this water in your bath. Try this for a couple of days and see the effect!

Use Bitter Gourd as a Face Mask

You might have used Oranges as face masks but by adding a deseeded bitter gourd to the paste you prepare out of dried Orange Peels makes your face pack more effective. You can use bitter gourd with cucumber for glowing skin. All you need to do is prepare a paste using one bitter gourd and one cucumber and apply it on your face as well as your neck. Leave it for nearly ten minutes and rinse it to get a glowing skin.

Purifies your Blood

Bitter Gourd is considered to be one of the best natural blood purifiers! If you drink its juice on an empty stomach it helps you to purify your blood and gives you a glowing and clear skin. As Impure blood causes darkening of skin, pimples and acne in the first place you get added advantage!

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