31-Day Affirmation Series

Have a miraculous & powerful month by re-wiring your mind with positive thoughts.

A strong and positive outlook is the most important tool that we need to live a healthy, happy, positive and fulfilling life. Designed for self-improvement, our affirmation series will help you cultivate empowering thoughts in all aspects of your life, and eventually your thougthts will get manifestsed into reality. Practise one affirmation everyday, and wake up everyday with a motivated outlook and go to sleep every night with a sense of accomplishment.

  • 31 videos, 60 minutes
  • Stress Management
  • Motivational

INR 200/-

Created by Amrita Sukumar

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Created by Amrita Sukumar

Amrita Sukumar is a popular podcaster and creator of the unsettling project. Through this deep sleep meditation, Amrita intends to use her calming voice, and the power of the ancient science of Yoga Nidra to help you get to a state of deep, long and peaceful sleep everyday.

  1. What is an affirmation?
  2. How to practise these affirmations?
  3. Till when can I access this video series?
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