Richa lost 2kgs in a week with Zoe’s 7 Day Tea Detox

In today’s lifestyles it is very easy to gain weight due to bad food habits. This leads to weight gain, bloating, stress and reduces our immunity & metabolism. So it becomes all the more important to do a detox regularly and follow a healthy eating plan to flush out the toxins from the body and boost metabolism & immunity. This is exactly what our customer Richa did by following our 7 Day Tea Detox. This is her review:

Lost 2 Kgs in a week with Zoe's 7 Day Tea Detox

Lost 2 Kgs in a week with Zoe’s 7 Day Tea Detox

“I tried Zoe’s 7 day tea detox plan and lost 2 kgs..I just followed the detox schedule and their healthy eating chart. Not only did I lose weight but it stayed off also..Also I went for 5-Veggies Flat Belly Super Juice which helped in inch loss around the belly area. Amazing product! I feel refreshed & rejuvenated!!”

This is the plan that Richa had gone for:

7 Day Tea Detox – The 7 Day Tea Detox is designed to flush out toxins from your body, improve metabolism, boost immunity, remove gas & bloating and to lose weight. It comes with 4 different tea sticks that need to be taken for 7 days of the week and a healthy eating chart that needs to be followed during and after the detox. These are the teas you get:

  1. 7 Spices Organic Kashmiri Green Tea to boost immunity
  2. Organic First Flush Darjeeling Black Tea for fat burn
  3. Metabolism Booster Daily Detox Organic Green Tea
  4. Relaxing & Calming Caffeine free Lemongrass Tea

Having these teas along with our healthy eating chart helps you in flushing out toxins and detoxing your body!

5-Veggies Flat Belly Super Juice – Containing Amla, Beetroot, Lemon, Ginger and Turmeric this magical concoction curbs hunger pangs and gives you all the essential nutrition. Having a glass a day helps in reducing inches from the belly area

You can order these programs from our website or speak to our nutrition team at 9205534967 for more info!

Love & Good Health

Team Zoe

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