Lost 1.8 Kgs in a day with Zoe’s One Day Detox – Stuti’s review

At Zoe, our goal is to help modern working professionals achieve their health & wellness goals without having to alter too much of their lifestyles. All of us love to work hard, party harder, but a few small tweaks to our lifestyle can go a long way to be healthy. This is where we at Zoe come in. Recently, our customer Stuti ordered our One Month Pack of the One Day Detox. This is her review

Lost 1.8 Kgs with Zoe's One Day Detox

Lost 1.8 Kgs with Zoe’s One Day Detox

” I ordered the One Month Pack of the One Day Detox from Zoe. I lost 1.8kgs from the first time I tried this detox regime. It was very motivating. I will recommend it to my colleagues and other working professionals like me who hardly get time to work out or plan a diet. This one day detox each week will make you energetic and motivate you towards your fitness goals. I am really happy and excited towards moving to a healthier lifestyle”

The One Month Pack of the One Day Detox, comes with 4 packs of the one day detox to be done once a week. It also comes with a healthy eating chart which you follow on the non-detox days. So in a month you do a detox 4 times and follow the healthy eating chart on the remaining days.

The One Day Detox is based on the principles of fasting and Ayurveda. On your detox day, you get 13 products from us (4 juices, 3 soups, 4 teas, 1 healthy meusli for breakfast and 1 instant glow facepack to detox your skin). You just have to consume these items and nothing else. The One Day Detox helps in losing weight, improving metabolism, removing gas & bloating and improving digestion. Doing a detox once a week goes a long way in resetting and rebooting and achieving all health goals.

You can order the One Day Detox here – https://zoe.menu/product/detox-diets/one-day-detox and One Month Pack here – https://zoe.menu/product/detox-diets/one-month-detox-4-packs-of-one-day-detox. You can also call us at 9205534967 to speak to our nutrition team for more information.

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